Outgrowing / by Sociedad Cimarrona

Everything in me turned intentional (even failures) premeditated, longterm.

The institutionalization of dissent is not appealing. Toxic.

I went from Seven Sisters to to the 6 train , via Dakar, un-learning obsessively. 


Se quedaron ponies, como un bonsai nunca crecen, ya lo digo el Abayarde. 


Humble genius narratives.

Ackee and saltfish, eating with my hands, cruisin', i wanted to say whats up to the queen at Buckingham palace, me urge un masaje. Trap queen.

Made smoothies for me each morning, thats love, brother to brother, sólido, always grateful.


Aterrizaje forzoso. You better know que tenemos paracaidas. We makin' moves.