On it / by Sociedad Cimarrona

On it

All words by Bocafloja, Pics también.


Question is

en la víspera del descaro, i walk down these mean streets like Piri 

en los tiempos del sophisticated liberalism

my BlacknBrowness ain’t gluten free

done with solo rapping , depressing realness 

r&b prietisimo , arrabalero 

humble geni(us) , forgot?

just came back from Cuba man, 

on my full cultural jinetero swing

it's my narrative son, therefore academic Beckys need to pay my high fee

intellectual zoo aint de gratis

deGrasse? nah, Icognegro, a memoir

Question is im on it fam

im on it.

Hamdullah , Harlem, 2016, By Bocafloja

Hamdullah, Harlem, 2016, By Bocafloja

Back , La Habana, 2016, by Bocafloja

Back, La Habana, 2016, by Bocafloja